Backpacker Pucks would not be a growing small business without the help of its puck eaters but also those that believe in it’s tasty, simple and filling awesomeness.

Matt Backpacking 2.jpg

Matt Boulton - FOUNDER & OWNER

Matt loves to spend time outdoors whether he is at work or in his free time backpacking. Since 2012 Matt has been backpacking and helping assist outdoor classes with Hiking the Ozarks. The place he loves to visit is Canyonlands in Utah. His dreams include making pucks for a living, backpacking the Appalachian Trail from North to South, and climbing a mountain.

Amanda Hall - Development director

Amanda has been with Backpacker Pucks since 2015 as a puck maker, a financial manager, a marketing consultant, an efficiency developer, a spreadsheet master, a website designer, a cheerleader, an office manager, and an idea supplier.

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Not only do these people below support Backpacker Pucks they are supported by Backpacker Pucks. As sponsored athletes they spread the love of pucks.


DAN NASH - satori adventures and expeditions & hiking the ozarks

“We have come to love snack time on the trail when we get to share Backpacker Pucks with the crew. Bring some Pucks along on your next adventure and share some too!”

As the owner of Satori Adventures and Expeditions, Dan Nash has taken Backpacker Pucks up and down mountains in the Himalaya, South America, and many other places above the tree line.

Hiking the Ozarks were one of the first groups of people that supported and continue to buy as many pucks as they can!


Micah gordon - pro biker

“Backpacker Pucks are the most dense energy bar we know of, and makes a great endurance food stash.”

Micah is a professional endurance biker from K.C. He holds the Ozark Trail 100 record! Since his first puck he has been hooked and a huge fan. He even runs our Instagram Page, so THANK YOU!


CLint white - Outdoor adventurer

“I was there for the first Backpacker Pucks in 2011 as Matt and I prepared for the OHT. Matt was ready every morning as I started my stove, boiled water, made oatmeal, and cleaned up my mess. Since then I have enjoyed Pucks in every outdoor pursuit possible. Pucks shine as an alpine trail bar since they don’t freeze solid. This magical property makes them perfect for mountaineering, ice climbing, snow boarding, etc!”

Clint backpacks, rock climbs, mountaineers, mountain biking, BMX, and Apline/Ice activities. He also was our original website designer, THANK YOU!


Krista bowman - AMGA SPI - canada

Krista is a certified Single Pitch Instructor who teaches yearly at the Outdoor Rendezvous in Arkansas. She climbs safe, and is a great instructor of skills. From Canada to Patagonia with Montana, Kentucky, and New York along the way, Krista is a fan of ours.


richard lonski - rock climber

As part of the Kansas City climbing scene he spends his time at Monster Mountain but also explores Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas and out in Colorado. He even competed in Horseshoe Hell in 2018.