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How it started…

It all began in May 2012 while Matt Boulton was preparing for a 165-mile hike along the Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT). Matt was tired of all the bars out there stuffed with 3 or 4 sugars each and other crummy ingredients, he didn’t want to take on the trail with him. So, he made his own ... 

And Backpacker Pucks came to life.

Booth Picture.jpg

Matt’s goals have always been straightforward:

  • Simple and clean, with wholesome ingredients including grinding the nut butters and dehydrating the fruit in-house, and without syrups and excess sugars and fillers.

  • Tasty nutrition, with flavors that keep your taste buds singing on the trail. 

  • Filling, with up to a hefty 90 grams (outweighing our competition in more ways than one!), to keep you satisfied and performing strong on the trail.

Matt’s dream to get Backpacker Pucks in the hands of every adventurer on the trail is getting closer; at the end of 2018, he purchased a historic cafe in Drexel, Missouri. The cafe’s bigger kitchen will ensure the growing demand for Backpacker Pucks can be satisfied in the most efficient way possible. Of course, no matter how much growing the company does, its roots will always lead the way.

Simple. Tasty. Filling. Always was and always will be.

What? You haven’t had a puck yet?!
— Matt