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Backpacker Pucks provide dense energy for your adventure . Organic ingredients and local sourcing create a sustainable product that keeps the expedition in balance with nature. These trail bars are for hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, cyclists, and adventurers. Get out there!

Backpacker Pucks is a small company that strives to put out the very best product. The Puck was invented for the Ozark Highlands Trail 165 mile journey back in 2012 as a cheaper alternative to your everyday meal bars. Backpacker Pucks are made with local ingredients, and no processed sugars outside the chocolate or dried cherries, these granola style bars will give you the energy to put any task to shame. Do you have the hunger upon you? Enjoy a delicious Backpacker Puck and show that hunger who the trail boss is!!!

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Backpacker Pucks come in a fantastic variety of flavors that are better than any other trail bar you have ever had. Ever. Check out the description and ingredients in the Backpacker Pucks Store Page for all the yummy details.

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